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06 May 2006 @ 09:47 pm
I'm not really sad. I'm just sad as I write this post. This could very well be the last post I write about my favorite professor in the world. THE WORLD.

And as the tears fall down my cheeks, I remember some more great lines from Professor Hymans.

'Shakespeare is no slouch when it comes to play writing.'

'...then you have the Islamic world (which is based on Islam).'

(on the spelling of a list he had on power point for the word civilisation)
'I put the 's' there for French whatever.'

(On the Iraq War)
'The US should keep the French or Germans for international affairs. They shouldn't back up other states... well there wasn't really any other state to support them. Oh wait! Mongolia! The US shouldn't say 'We don't want you France and Germany, we've got Mongolia!''

'But with the kicker being... the new world system would get very very different answers depending on if you're Christian in one form or another or Muslim.'

'But it could be beneficial for Brazil to work with Zambia in sports because they both play soccer, so why not?'

'Fog in channel, Continent Isolated'

(on movement and working policies in the EU)
'Just like if you're going to move from Arizona to Nebraska and just start working. I don't know why you would... maybe you like open spaces.'

'The Swiss waste a lot of money on Swiss milk farming.'

'When the Poles came out in favor of the war in Iraq, Jacques Chiraques said 'The Poles missed a great opportunity to shut up.''

'Reagan builds arms and the Soviet Union crumbles. How about that? (well, other stuff is going on at the same time too).'

(on the final years of the USSR)
'He doesn't listen to the nice people from Sweden'

'They find out the average salary of the dentists and plumbers and they find out plumbers make the most - which is true (at least my plumber).'

'We also had 3rd image idealism, Swedes coming in and messing the Soviet Union.'
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